MCC's after school, tuition-based program, is dedicated to our community. Tuition is intentionally set low, our classes average out to under $9/hour of instruction, in order to prevent it from becoming a barrier to participation. In addition, MCC's signature community engagement initiative, the Harmony Program, brings free music education and performance experiences, both in and out of school, to hundreds of children who live in the City of Milwaukee and attend Milwaukee schools.

Choir membership changes children's lives. What they do each week in rehearsal does so much more than prepare them to sing before audiences. It teaches teamwork, focus, discipline and social skills, which builds noteworthy character for life!

We could not do what we do without generous financial support from donors who believe in our work. Without gifts from individual donors, we could not survive.

If you believe in the value of arts education and would like to support our work, please donate now!

Here is how you can make a financial contribution to Milwaukee Children's Choir online, by mail or by phone:

Online Donation

To donate securely online (Visa, Mastercard or Discover), simply click the "Donate Now" button below to donate through Bidpal.


Check Donation

Click here to download a donor form. Print and complete the donor form, and mail the donor form with your check to the Milwaukee Children's Choir office:

Milwaukee Children's Choir

Attn: Development Department

427 E. Stewart Street, Suite 100

Milwaukee, WI 53207



Phone Donation

To make a donation over the phone using your Visa, Mastercard or Discover,call the Milwaukee Children's Choir office

Monday-Thursday, 9:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m., at 414-221-7040.


Questions about donating to Milwaukee Children's Choir?

Contact Executive Director, at 414-221-7040 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Thank YOU for your support!

Planned Giving

Discover how you can make a big impact by naming Milwaukee Children’s Choir in your will or living trust.  please contact Executive Director, at 414-221-7040 with questions regarding gifts. 


What is an endowment?

An endowment is a donation that is maintained by charities and uses interest to grow over a long period of time. Typically, the principal amount of the endowment is invested and the interest is used to fund projects. By doing this, the endowment is able to grow over time so that the children of Milwaukee Children’s Choir can still reap the benefits for years to come!


How does Milwaukee Children’s Choir benefit from an endowment?

The benefits MCC gains from its endowment fund are innumerable. With your help, our endowment will enable so many students in the future to experience all that MCC has to offer. Knowing that future generations could be members of an MCC choir because of a contribution you make now is an indescribable accomplishment.

In-Kind Giving

There are many non-monetary ways to support MCC! In-kind donations--or non-cash donations of goods or services--are a critical part of our ability to serve the children of Milwaukee. From professional services and office items to concert refreshments, items for MCC's fundraising auctions and raffles, and volunteerism, in-kind supporters play a very important role in the success of MCC's programs! For more information about In-kind Giving, please contact Executive Director, at 414-221-7040.